Friday, 23rd of July, Riku and I went to check some of his beehives. This is the first time I am wearing a beehive costume!
New workshop

Beehive Project

Starting this spring, Riku Peltonen, local beehive keeper from Fiskars, is teaching us in Solbacka to begin keeping our own beehives.

Checking some beehives, combing the wax and tapping some honey (23rd of July)…

The Queen Bee is the one with the blue dot. Below, a video about how it all works.

When we started in April, we first wanted to see where on Solbacka should we put our own beehives, once they arrive.

Marina, Riku, and I are looking for the right spot for the first beehives on Solbacka. April 2021

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Wedding Summer 2012

Recorded & edited by Heimo Lattner Annatina Franasek and Kian Schmidt become Annatina and Kian Sanai Franasek in Solbacka, Finland, Summer 2012.


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