About us

What is Solbacka?

As a community, we live together on the same land, for most of us.

Initiated from a Ting gathering1, Solbacka is born in 2011, within the amazing wild forest of Fagervik.

We all value nature, ecology, and communication through circles. Then, from our own individual personnalities, family bubbles, and the bigger community Solbacka, we create what serves us the most.

“I feel more free to be myself in Solbacka.”

– From what we hear from our visitors

Currently, we are about 6 family bubbles, with various interests as natural building, bodywork, teaching, spirituality, art, gardening, tantra…

Some guests might live here temporarly, renting or volunteering. It is also possible to build your own house nearby ours.

Do you want to see more how it looks like to be in Solbacka?

Feeling adventurous?

We would love to hear from you. Warmly welcome for a visit.

  1. We have a common vision, that we can live some of our utopias out here and now. We will try to work together without limiting the individual’s desire for autonomous action.” – http://www.tingets.net/_gifs/vision.htm ↩ī¸Ž